Sundays at Arohanui

What to Expect 

If it’s been a long time since you’ve been to church, Arohanui have you in mind! There’s already enough you have to think about when you’re visiting a church for the first time without wondering how to dress or what your kids can do.....


We hope that getting some of this “stuff” out of the way encourages you to join us for church.

10 am Worship Service

Come right up the hill for parking!​

What to expect:

We are a small, family church, so when you come in the front door, one of us will shake you warmly by the hand and welcome you in.

We'll give you today's bulletin, and come with you to find a seat - we have pews or chairs, and also space for wheelchairs.

Sometimes we sit around smaller tables 'cafe style', or have the seats around a central table, so don't be surprised if we're not in strict rows!

During the service we may have a mixture of:

  • singing (a mixture of old & new songs and some unstructured free worship singing,  and spontaneous prayer)

  • prayer

  • an offering plate passed around.  You're visiting, so don't feel you have to contribute!...just pass the plate along with a smile.  Some of us contribute by automatic payments, so you won't be the only one passing it on!

  • presentations from our children or young adults

  • a story for our children

  • communion - may be passed around, or  given out at the front of the church.  Gluten free & non-alcoholic options are available, and anyone (including children) who loves God is welcome to take communion if they would like to.  Someone can bring communion to your seat if needed.

  • reflection or discussion

  • a sermon - usually about 1/2 hour

  • notices


Nobody minds when you stand and sit at any time during the service, and feel free to leave your suit in the cupboard and wear whatever is comfortable to you.  

After the service, we usually have coffee and tea in the dining room.   It's a time to hang out, catch up with each other, and figure out who's going where for lunch. 


Someone will invite you - especially Mark (associate Pastor) & Elizabeth who have a very informal pot luck at their place most Sundays.  Please come whether you have something to share or not - there's always enough!  Usual start time is 12.30 at 174 Nikau Street, Hastings.

Children's Church

During term time, our children go out part way through the service for Children's Church


Whatever works for your family works for us - children are welcome to stay in the main church instead, and family/caregivers can go to Sunday School at anytime- especially if your child is shy and needs company!

Our friendly and outgoing children as well as the teachers will make your child feel at home in Sunday School.

We meet in the room off the foyer for 

  • Bible Stories

  • Songs

  • Activities or Crafts

  • Food - tell us if your child has any special dietary needs

You are welcome in Sunday School anytime - just come on in and be prepared to do the actions to the songs!

We generally work  around lesson plans, but if there's something that the children are buzzing  about, we are flexible and never too busy to talk about what's important to them - because that's important to us.


If you feel that your under 5s are getting restless during the service, our creche is the best place to go.

The creche is just off the foyer, and has comfortable couches, lots of clean toys, a toilet/change table/ sink and a sound link so you may still be able to hear what's happening in church (if your child has a quieter moment!)  

We've all been there, so if you need something, like the microwave....just give us a heads up!  

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